Hair Growth Supplement So Powerful It Can Even Support Your Immune Health!

DID YOU KNOW: What’s good for your body's immune defense is also terrific to grow healthy, thick, long, beautiful hair. Give your body a powerful boost of nutrients & antioxidants it needs to support your immune health!

Stick with us just a few minutes, and learn the truth about this breakthrough solution that gives your hair & body nature's most vital and powerful nutrients... when they are needed most!

From the women’s hair growth experts, Keranique’s Clinical Strength KeraViatin ingredients helps revitalize and grow healthy hair from the inside out... while a boost of powerful nutrients to help support your body's immune health!

Did you know thinning hair and hair loss could be a result of a nutrient deficiency?
In general, there are many missed nutrition opportunities to get the antioxidants from everyday foods like fruits and vegetables, which can help our body's immune health. If we don’t always eat the foods we should, we might pick up these lost nutrients by way of vitamins.

Sound familiar?

Now, women can get strong, healthy hair and scalp health with essential nutrients. What most multivitamins lack are whole food nutrients from turmeric, that helps support immunities in our bodies.

KeraViatin has a mix of antioxidants, amino acids, and a proprietary KeraViatin Complex™ which is a blend of nutrients from more uncommon foods such as Curcumin -- a potent antioxidant found most commonly in turmeric.

Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals in the body.

So, how does this help my hair & health?

Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals in the body. This super-antioxidant also works on the scalp to promote beautiful hair, as well as tapping into the body’s natural immunities to maintain overall wellness.

A daily dose of KeraViatin’s antioxidants helps to support immune and respiratory health along with the promotion of overall healthy bodies. Imagine loving your hair with the same tender loving care you give your lungs and heart.

Everyday stressors build up free radicals in our bodies. Sometimes we see physical effects on our bodies as a result of these free radicals. We all have oxidative damage which might have an impact on our health or the scalp, which presents as hair loss or thinning hair.

"KeraViatin is filled with potent antioxidants to fight free radicals and their negative effects. With a BOOST IN ANTIOXIDANTS and the body’s natural defense system, it’s all-systems-go for healthy hair and a healthier you."

Healthy hair is luscious, thick, full, and shiny. We all love these gorgeous characteristics of great hair, but did you know these are also the characteristics of overall health? KeraViatin users tend to see positive changes with their hair, nails, and an increase in wellbeing.

Ready to support immunity and grow healthy, strong hair?

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Grow thicker, more vibrant hair and support your body's health & wellness while you sleep!

That’s right! Antioxidants work to support overall health, along with hair and scalp wellbeing all day and night. Remember that daily dose of Curcumin, Omega 3-6-9, Amino Acids and Biotin from KeraViatin is important to maintaining a healthy hair and a healthy lifestyle.

Health benefits of Curcumin have been shared across generations for millennia.

Newer studies about the use of Curcumin in supplement form have shown promising results in assisting women's hair and health.

This means that Curcumin supplements with improved absorption can better support respiratory, heart, eye, and digestive health.

Yes. That’s a lot of medical and science research, and you’re here for great hair and to support your health! To simply sum up all the science stuff, KeraViatin is the perfect supplement to help address thinning hair, hair loss and your body's natural defense system!

More About KeraViatin Hair & Scalp Health.

KeraViatin doesn’t use just any Curcumin.

Because Curcumin is such a powerful antioxidant, the team at Keranique searched high and low to find the most potent and bio-available Curcumin possible, so you get all the benefits of this remarkable complex.

When consumed as turmeric, Curcumin often passes right through the body. This means that eating turmeric, or taking a simple turmeric supplement doesn't offer the same effects of Curcumin we know are possible.

The KeraViatin Curcumin C3 Difference

KeraViatin solved this ancient problem by delivering Curcumin in liquid oil form with our patented C3 Curcumin Complex and proprietary Omega Max Oil.

KeraViatin's C3 Curcumin Complex has 20x the absorption rate of Curcumin alone!

This means a huge boost of the powerful immune building antioxidants helping to get you THICKER, SHINIER, HEALTHIER, SILKY-SMOOTH HAIR!

Plus, KeraViatin’s extended 120-Day Money-Back Guarantee makes it easy to support beautiful hair and gives your body the healthy boost of antioxidants it needs with Super-Food Nutrients!

It's a unique blend of super potent antioxidants and nutrients for additional overall health support, every day.

B6 + Riboflavin
The all around strength building Vitamins that help you grow thicker, fuller, stronger hair.

Thiamine + Pantothenic
Supports & rejuvenates follicle environment creating the perfect conditions for new growth.

Vitamins B1, B2 and B12
Breakthrough formula that nourishes your hair from within giving it that shiny “just washed” glow.

High Quality Antioxidants + Nutrients
Helps women fight damaging free radicals, keeping their hair healthy, full, and vibrant.

KeraViatin is made in an FDA Registered Facility and Clinically Proven.

These ingredients alone would put you WELL on your way to the goal of fighting thinning hair and promoting your body's wellness.


Our #1 superfood to boost your antioxidant level is turmeric, which contains curcumin.

Luckily, the KEY ingredient in KeraViatin is Curcumin, one of the most potent and scientifically researched antioxidants of them all. Combined with Bamboo Shoot, Biotin, Saw Palmetto, Silica, and Zinc... you can finally love your hair while you support your body's immune defense. This patented blend is only available from KeraViatin.

What does this mean for your hair?

By allowing your body to better absorb this wonder ingredient, with KeraVitaitn's proprietary ingredients, the result is simple... Thicker, Shiny, Healthy, Silky-Smooth Beautiful Hair!

Let’s Be Clear: YOU Being Healthy & Happy Is Our Mission!

We recommend you start Keraviatin immediately, and if, for ANY reason you aren't 110% satisfied with your results. Just let us know, send back the bottle even if it's empty, and you'll get your money back! No Hassle, No Hustle, No Kidding.

It’s time for you to join over 2,000,000 women who have trusted Keranique.

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You’ll have a FULL 120 days to let the product take hold and deliver you the results you need, and we will be standing behind you every step of the way!

These are 100% real results, from real users took 2 KeraViatin daily for 4 months”!*


So, it really boils down to this: Imagine yourself standing at a crossroads...

Turn one way, and you could leave this page without giving Keraviatin the chance that you KNOW you should.

Sure, you could go back to suppressing the anxiety about your health, immunity, thinning hair or always worrying if you're protecting your hair and health.

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One thing though…

I am pretty much POSITIVE that you’re smarter than that!

You could Turn Right, standing here at the crossroads and give yourself the fighting chance you and your hair deserves. So together, we can BEAT thinning hair and support the optimal immune and respiratory health our bodies need!

Between the unconditional 120-Day Guarantee, stacks of testimonials, clinical data, research articles and years of product testing have all come together to insure one thing for you.

The only thing to really lose is more hair and your health. Today is day to start you can turn that around with Keraviatin!


Due to extremely high demand, there is a limited supplies of KeraViatin.
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USER Comments

  1. Mary, Texas "Great Product!"

    "My hair doesn't fall out as much. The product also has strengthened my roots and caused new hair to grow.”

  2. Colleen, Iowa "It actually works."

    "Haven’t used it a month yet and already noticing a difference. Shinier stronger more nourished hair! I am in love with this product!”

  3. SHREEZAH "Got a full head of healthy hair back."

    "After 3 months I have all of my shiny hair back. Less hair on the shower ground and floor after blow dry.”

  4. Pris, Florida "Will reuse..."

    "I've been using for (only) a week and I've already started noticing improvements in my hair, skin and nails. Will reuse.”

  5. Unknown User "My hair was falling out"

    "My hair was falling out by the handfuls! I was stressed and was so afraid I was truly going to be bald. I have been taking this vitamins now for a year and my hair is beautiful! My hairdresser started taking this vitamins because of the results she saw in my hair!!!”

  6. Marlene, California "

    "Since I would dye my hair a lot, my hair began to thin out and my hair wasn't really growing. Now that I have been taking this vitamin for 4 months, my hair is stronger, thicker.”


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